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Steam Deck owners have been getting creative with their handheld devices, coming up with all sorts of innovative and versatile setups, like dual screens or even using the Steam Deck as DJ equipment.

One Reddit user, known as Nekomichi, decided to embark on a rather unusual experiment by creating a new control scheme using a pair of Apple iPods. While the reasoning behind this choice isn’t entirely clear, Nekomichi shared their unique experience with the Reddit community.

Tired of the comfortable Deck controls? Why not try playing with a pair of iPods as controllers instead? Guaranteed to add an extra layer of challenge to your gameplay!
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In a humor-filled and light-hearted post, Nekomichi invited readers to “get bored with the comfy Deck controls” and suggested trying out a pair of iPods as controllers. This Reddit user even guaranteed that this setup would add an extra level of difficulty to their gaming experience. However, amidst the jokes, Nekomichi provided a detailed explanation of how they managed to create this control scheme.

Firstly, the iPods used were modified with custom firmware called Rockbox to function as USB input devices. The iPod on the left acted as a mouse cursor, with the middle button serving as the left click. Meanwhile, the iPod on the right served as a multimedia controller, with the fast-forward button used to move characters forward and backward step by step.

The hardware limitations forced Nekomichi to rapidly tap buttons to allow characters to walk, presenting an additional challenge.

Responses in the Reddit thread ranged from confusion to mild concerns (albeit in jest) about Nekomichi’s mental health. One post even teased that Nekomichi managed to solve drifting analog stick issues by not using an analog stick at all.

Meanwhile, some began to consider whether this experiment could be a new way to support charity, providing fresh ideas for fundraising through unique gaming experiences.

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