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Mobile gaming has become incredibly popular, and Android users are always on the lookout for the best free games to enjoy on their devices. With so many options available on the Google Play Store, it can be challenging to find games that are truly free and offer a high-quality gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the seven best actually free games on Android in 2024, highlighting their features, gameplay, and overall user satisfaction.

Best Actually Free Games on Android

1. Unciv

“Unciv” is an open-source game that serves as a reimplementation of the popular civilization-building game. It offers a fast, small, and ad-free experience for players. In the game, you can build your own civilization, conduct research, expand your cities, and engage in battles with other civilizations. With its free and forever accessible nature, “Unciv” provides an enjoyable gaming experience for fans of the genre.


2. Lichess

“Lichess” is a popular online chess app that offers a range of features for chess enthusiasts. With a growing user base, the app allows players to engage in various game modes, including bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence chess. It also provides options for arena tournaments, player challenges, game analysis, and practice with chess puzzles.


3. Mindustry

“Mindustry” is a captivating game that combines factory-building, tower defense, and real-time strategy elements. Players are tasked with creating complex supply chains to feed ammunition into turrets, produce materials for construction, and build units. The game offers a range of features, including defending structures from waves of enemies, engaging in multiplayer co-op games or PvP matches, and dealing with challenges like fires and enemy attacks.


4. Shattered Pixel Dungeon

“Shattered Pixel Dungeon” is a captivating roguelike dungeon crawler RPG that offers a challenging yet rewarding gaming experience. With five unique heroes to choose from, players navigate through randomized levels filled with enemies, traps, and treasures. As you progress, you can earn points to enhance your hero’s abilities, choose a subclass, and unlock powerful late-game skills.


5. Underhand

“Underhand” is a unique and thrilling Cultist Card Game (CCG) that allows players to become cult leaders and make critical decisions to manage their cult’s resources effectively. The game presents players with event cards that they must respond to strategically, as their choices will determine their cult’s success or failure.


6. Super Auto Pets

“Super Auto Pets” is a delightful and engaging free-to-play auto battler game where players can build a team of adorable pets with unique abilities. The game offers two exciting modes: Arena mode, which is a chill asynchronous multiplayer experience without timers, and Versus mode, which is an intense synchronous game with eight players and quick decision-making.


7. Win the Square

“Win the Square – 2Min PVP Game” is a captivating and addictive puzzle game that combines strategic gameplay with brain-teasing challenges. Drawing inspiration from chess and Battleship, this lightweight PvP strategy game adds an exciting twist to classic board gaming.


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