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Are you feeling lost in the vast world of Parallel Realms, wondering which characters stand out from the rest? Look no further! Our Parallel Realms tier list ranks all current characters based on their strength in the game, helping you make informed decisions for your team.

Parallel Realms Tier List


  • Satan
  • Serqet
  • Uriel


  • Dracula


  • Freya


  • Set
  • Russell

With over 25 characters currently available in Parallel Realms and more to come in future updates, our tier list will be regularly updated to reflect new releases and maintain accuracy.

Here’s what each tier signifies:

  • S Tier: These characters are the cream of the crop, boasting unmatched abilities. Aim to obtain an S-tier character as a top priority.
  • A Tier: Fantastic characters that serve as excellent alternatives if you can’t secure an S-tier. They work well alongside S-tier characters and can help you progress through the game smoothly.
  • B Tier: While not the strongest, these characters are solid choices, especially early in the game. They can provide support to your A-tier and S-tier characters.
  • C Tier: It’s advisable to avoid including these characters in your party, particularly if you aim for efficient progression.
  • D Tier: These characters aren’t worth investing in and should be avoided altogether.

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Parallel Realms is an idle RPG gacha game available on Android and iOS, boasting a captivating story and a diverse roster of unique characters to collect. For more game lore and updates, head over to the official Facebook page.

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