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Moonton has recently unveiled a game-changing talent called Temporal Reign in its latest update, bringing exciting new changes to the Mobile Legends MOBA game. As part of the Project Next initiative, Temporal Reign is a brand-new talent released alongside War Cry, designed to be suitable for use by both fighter and marksman heroes.

On the flip side, mage and tanker heroes may find the effects of Temporal Reign more appealing, as it reduces the cooldown (CD) of their existing skills. Let’s dive into a detailed explanation of Temporal Reign below:

Temporal Reign in Mobile Legends: Empowering Heroes with No CD

Temporal Reign is an item designed to reduce the cooldown of non-ultimate skills when using the ultimate ability. When a player triggers their ultimate, Temporal Reign kicks in, slashing the cooldown of skills 1 and 2 by 50%.

For example, if there are 5 seconds left on the cooldown, Temporal Reign will cut it down to 2.5 seconds, allowing players to use their skills more rapidly.

Sounds overpowered, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because this talent truly is potent. Heroes like Claude, equipped with Temporal Reign, gain the ability to use their second skill multiple times in quick succession, making them incredibly slippery.

Heroes like mage Eudora can stun enemies repeatedly after using their ultimate, and even pre-revamp Aurora would have been a force to be reckoned with when equipped with this talent.

However, the release date for Temporal Reign remains unknown, as it is part of the Mobile Legends Project Next initiative. Stay tuned for further updates as Moonton continues to innovate and enhance the Mobile Legends gaming experience with talents like Temporal Reign.

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