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Moonton has introduced a new talent called War Cry as part of their Project NEXT initiative in Mobile Legends. Bringing forth a new item component along with various intriguing changes within the Mobile MOBA game, here’s the scoop on the upcoming new talent, War Cry, set to be released soon by Moonton.

War Cry in Mobile Legends: A New Talent Perfect for Critical Hit Users

When using War Cry and stacking it 3x with basic attacks, heroes equipped with this talent will receive an 8% damage boost for 6 seconds. This talent will prove especially useful for heroes like Fighters and Marksmen, who typically rely on basic attacks as their primary means of defeating enemies.

Moreover, Fighter heroes like Argus or Alucard, as well as Marksmen like Miya and Layla, who do not heavily rely on skills to eliminate enemies, will experience a significant boost.

However, this talent has only been released on the Mobile Legends Advance server, and it’s yet to be confirmed whether it will be officially rolled out on the Original Server. For now, we can only wait for the latest updates from Moonton within the game.

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