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AFK Journey Best Teams – Embarking on your adventure in AFK Journey requires careful consideration of your team composition to navigate through various challenges effectively. In this guide, we’ll break down the best party compositions for different game modes, helping you assemble a formidable lineup to conquer the world of Esperia.

Before diving into the intricacies of team building, it’s crucial to optimize your initial character selection. Utilize our AFK Journey reroll guide and available codes to acquire top-tier characters without breaking the bank. Consulting our AFK Journey tier list ensures you make informed decisions when allocating resources to your units.

Best Teams AFK Journey Compositions for Different Modes:

1. Story Mode:

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Cecia
  • Healer: Rowan
  • Secondary: Antandra (Tank), Brutus, Viperion (DPS), Smokey (Healer),

2. Dream Realm Mode:

  • Tank: Thoran, Temesia
  • DPS: Marilee, Kruger, Odie
  • Healer: Smokey & Meerky, Reinier
  • Secondary: Cassaee (DPS), Koko, Damien (Support), Lucius (Tank), Cecia, Vala, Shakir

3. PVP Mode:

  • Tank: Thoran
  • DPS: Eironn, Silvina, Lyca
  • Healer: Reinier, Rowan
  • Secondary: Cecia, Viperian (DPS), Themesia, Antandra (Tank), Koko, Hewynn (Support), Shakir, Vala

AFK Journey Tips and Tricks

  • Early-Game Strategy: Prioritize simplicity and versatility in team compositions during the initial stages. Focus on acquiring easy-to-obtain high-tier characters like Cecia for DPS.
  • Faction Bonuses: Utilize faction bonuses by aligning three units of the same faction for enhanced performance in story mode battles.
  • Adaptability: Remain flexible in team composition based on the challenges encountered. Adjust secondary roles to complement primary functions and counter opponent compositions effectively.
  • PVP Dynamics: Prepare for diverse strategies and unconventional picks in PVP mode. Thoran remains a staple tank choice, while flexibility in DPS and healer/support roles is paramount.

By strategically assembling your AFK Journey team according to the mode-specific recommendations outlined in this guide, you’ll maximize your chances of success across various challenges. Keep refining your lineup as you progress and adapt to evolving gameplay dynamics to dominate Esperia and emerge victorious in every battle.

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