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Embarking on your journey in AFK Journey with a solid character lineup can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Rerolling, or resetting your account to aim for better starting characters, is a common practice among players aiming for optimal team compositions from the get-go. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of reroll your character in AFK Journey and help you decide whether it’s worth the effort.

Why Reroll in AFK Journey?

Rerolling in AFK Journey allows you to maximize your chances of starting with top-tier characters, ensuring a smoother progression through the game’s challenges. With the right lineup, you can tackle story missions, PvP battles, and other content more effectively without relying solely on luck or in-game purchases.

How to Reroll in AFK Journey:

There are two primary methods for rerolling in AFK Journey, each with its own advantages and considerations:

  1. Using Multiple Email Addresses:
    • Ideal for players who prioritize staying competitive on their server.
    • Create multiple accounts using different email addresses.
    • Use the initial pulls on each account and restart with a new email if unsatisfied.
    • Faster execution allows you to keep pace with other players on the server.
  2. Server Hopping:
    • Suitable for players less concerned about immediate competition.
    • Log in with your preferred email address and use the initial summons.
    • If unhappy with the results, log out, change servers, and log in again.
    • Progress is saved separately for each server, allowing for multiple fresh starts.
    • May result in falling behind other players on the chosen server.
  3. Use Emulator:
    • Easily one of the best way to get your character, by using Emulator, player can set macros to easily get the character that you want by only setting it one time.
    • First download our recommended emulator called LDPalyer [here]
    • After downloading, use the server hopping or multiple email address above to get the

Considerations for Rerolling:

AFK Journey Tier List

Rerolling can be time-consuming and may require patience, but it offers the opportunity to start your AFK Journey adventure optimally. While the process may evolve with future updates, it remains a viable strategy for players seeking a competitive edge. Check out our tier list information for the best reroll guide.

Who to Reroll For:

AFK Journey’s pity system ensures access to strong characters like Lucius, Cecia, and Rowan without extensive rerolling efforts. However, for players aiming for the best of the best, focusing on top-tier characters such as Granny Dahnie and Thoran can significantly enhance your team’s performance, especially in challenging encounters.

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