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Endless Grades: Pixel Saga Tier List, an RPG developed and published by Lightcore Games, made its debut on December 4, 2023. In this pixelated adventure, players assemble their own teams, collect characters, and build strong group synergies. If you’re familiar with gacha games, you’ll understand the challenge of acquiring desired characters, a concept mirrored in Endless Grades.

With a plethora of characters available in the game, determining which ones are truly worthwhile can be daunting. This is where tier lists come in handy, providing a ranking system to guide players in selecting characters suited to their playstyle and strategy.

Endless Grades Tier List:

  • S-Tier: Comprising the best characters in Endless Grades, S-Tier characters are powerful and versatile, significantly aiding players in winning battles effortlessly.
  • A-Tier: These characters are reliable and strong, serving as excellent team members. If you haven’t obtained S-Tier characters yet, focus on developing A-Tier characters as they are equally powerful.
  • B-Tier: Characters in this category are decent fighters, capable of performing well in battles and contributing to team balance.
  • C-Tier: These characters should be avoided, especially at higher levels, as their performance is weaker compared to higher-tier characters. They may have limited usefulness in specific situations.
  • D-Tier: Characters in this tier should be avoided for easy victories in Endless Grades, as they lack special abilities and are weaker compared to other characters.

Sure, here’s the list of characters in each tier for Endless Grades: Pixel Saga:


  1. Bloodthirsty Count
  2. Bone Reaper
  3. Ventriloquist
  4. Dreamweaver
  5. Chaos Guitarist
  6. Frost Queen
  7. Elven Queen
  8. Reaper’s Embrace
  9. Ripper Dancer
  10. Night Walker
  11. Frost Wolf
  12. Thorn Queen
  13. Huntress Goddess
  14. Dream Painter
  15. Succubus
  16. Frost Witch
  17. Wild Lord
  18. 7-Seas Conqueror


  1. Phoenix Knight
  2. Radiant Guardian
  3. Sword’s Oath
  4. Fiery Angel
  5. Shadow Blade
  6. Sommelier
  7. Midgard Serpent
  8. Clear Heart
  9. Fire Magician
  10. Sandstorm Enforcer
  11. Skyweaver
  12. Stoneheart
  13. The Adventurer
  14. Shadow Sentinel
  15. Fiery Dancer
  16. Demon Wolf
  17. Rose Hammer
  18. Verdant Waraxe
  19. Moon Shadow
  20. Wave Slayer
  21. Windwing Blade
  22. Perfumer
  23. Glow Priest


  1. Phonologist
  2. Fate Prophet
  3. Shepherd
  4. Tideweaver
  5. Daybreaker
  6. Triumphal Spear
  7. Sacred Utterance
  8. Lady Elegance
  9. Windblade
  10. Lady
  11. Tide Envoy
  12. Surge Sword
  13. Jungle Hunter
  14. Blazeclench
  15. Commander
  16. Nonstop Fighter
  17. Outsider
  18. Budoka
  19. Wind Drifter
  20. Verdant Elf
  21. Illusion Magician
  22. Aquasylph
  23. Swift Archer
  24. Cunning Twinblade
  25. Predator


  1. Faceless
  2. Fearless Fist
  3. Flame Magus
  4. Radiant Blade
  5. Annie
  6. Shadow Wolf
  7. Shadow Assassin


  1. The Tracker
  2. Fury Axe
  3. Sharp Axe
  4. Sands Apostle
  5. Peace Keeper
  6. Tide Maiden
  7. Solar Blade
  8. Inferno Gunblazer

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