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Gods Raid Tier List Looking to elevate your gameplay in Gods Raid beyond the ordinary RPG experience? Welcome to the world where strategic battles are fueled by the might of the Gods. Gods Raid shares similarities with the renowned Raid: Shadow Legends, but with a unique twist – each hero can be enchanted by one of the Gods, setting the stage for thrilling team dynamics.

In this mobile team-battler, Gods hold the key to victory, with characters categorized into three rarities: Absolute, Ancient, and Mythic. The Gods’ potency, along with their synergy with different hero species, determines their ranking across four tiers:

Gods Raid Tier List

S-Tier God Characters

  • Thor (Orc Heroes, Absolute)
  • Poseidon (Orc Heroes, Absolute)
  • Hela (Undead Heroes, Ancient)
  • Odin (Undead Heroes, Absolute)
  • Zeus (Human Heroes, Absolute)
  • Freyja (Beast Heroes, Absolute)
  • Ares (Beast Heroes, Ancient)

Thor stands tall as the pinnacle of power in Gods Raid, boasting high stats and unmatched synergy with Orc Heroes. With Thor’s enchantment, Orc Heroes gain a substantial increase in Critical, making them formidable adversaries in any battle scenario.

A-Tier Gods

  • Athena (Defense Heroes, Absolute)
  • Apollon (Beast Heroes, Absolute)
  • Tyr (Demon Heroes, Absolute)
  • Idun (All Species, Mythic)
  • Loki (Demon Heroes, Absolute)
  • Baldur (Human Heroes, Absolute)
  • Dionysos (Demon Heroes, Ancient)

Athena emerges as a prime choice for fortifying tank heroes, offering defensive prowess and versatility across all defense heroes, regardless of species.

B-Tier Gods

  • Hephaistos (Demon Heroes, Ancient)
  • Anubis (Undead Heroes, Ancient)
  • Aphrodite (Human Heroes, Ancient)
  • Artemis (Ranged Heroes, Ancient)
  • Vidar (All Species, Mythic)
  • Hades (Undead Heroes, Absolute)
  • Heimdall (Orc Heroes, Ancient)
  • Asura (Orc Heroes, Ancient)

Hephaistos proves valuable in the mid-game phase, lending significant boosts to Demon Heroes’ defense and offense.

C-Tier Gods

  • Hermes (Human Heroes, Ancient)
  • Nike (All Species, Mythic)
  • Skathi (Beast Heroes, Ancient)
  • Tisiphone (All Species, Mythic)
  • Mimir (All Species, Mythic)
  • Surtr (All Species, Mythic)
  • Charon (All Species, Mythic)
  • Themis (All Species, Mythic)

While C-Tier Gods may lack the potency of higher tiers, they still offer support in the early stages of the game.

In conclusion, mastering the art of team composition in Gods Raid hinges on understanding the dynamics between heroes and their enchanting Gods. Choose wisely, experiment, and ascend to victory as you navigate the intricate world of divine power.

Gods Raid
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