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Fortnite’s Airbending Mythic is all about making travel easier, but there’s a catch that could send you straight to the respawn screen. With the recent Avatar collaboration, Fortnite introduced the four elemental bending arts as Mythic items. However, not all of them are purely offensive, like in the show. The Airbending Mythic serves as a handy mobility tool, allowing players to zip around the map.

Mythic Airbending Glitch/Bug Fortnite

While many have praised it as the ultimate way to get around, there’s a glitch that could ruin your day. Using the Airbending Mythic right as you enter a rift can unexpectedly lead to a fatal fall. Typically, entering a rift safely drops you onto the ground or a floating island, but a player’s character in a recent clip tragically plummeted to their demise instead of deploying their glider.

Although it’s a rare occurrence, if you find yourself in this situation, there are ways to survive. Landing in water or using a Launch Pad can save you, but these solutions aren’t always readily available.

This isn’t the first hiccup with the Airbending Mythic either. Another player encountered a glitch that left them stuck in an animation, potentially leading to an untimely demise in a tense situation. Despite these issues, the Airbending Mythic remains in the game, waiting to be discovered in Elemental Shrines and chests for those lucky enough to stumble upon it.

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