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Exciting news for Mobile Legends enthusiasts as data miners have uncovered details about a new hero rumored to possess Tanker and Assassin roles.

Although this information remains a leak and should be taken with a grain of salt, considering the track record of the data miner who previously revealed Zhuxin, there’s a chance we might see this hero in the Land of Dawn soon.

Introducing the Armored Assassin Hero with Assassin and Tanker Roles

According to leaks shared by Mobile Legends leaker Erixus on YouTube, this new hero is said to have the ability to transform. The hero, codenamed Armored Assassin, features a Celestial Form that can be utilized to reduce damage.

Similar to Edith, this hero’s abilities may depend on the form they use. With three skills currently lacking animations:

  1. Salute
  2. Perform
  3. Showtime

Each of these skills possesses a hold and release mechanic that could potentially be used to eliminate enemies. From leaked gameplay footage, it’s evident that this hero is a Physical hero with high burst damage capabilities.


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