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Stuns in Mobile Legends can be game-changers in various situations, offering teams a significant advantage. Leveraging them effectively, here are three heroes with the longest stuns in Mobile Legends that you can utilize in ranked matches or tournaments.

When hit by an opponent, the stun effect renders them motionless, unable to use any of their skills. In this vulnerable state, you can follow up with additional damage using a series of other skills, further incapacitating your opponent.

Highly valuable during wars or team fights, stun effects prevent opponents from escaping. It’s crucial to utilize them strategically. Here are three heroes with the longest stuns in Mobile Legends:

4 Mobile Legends Heroes with The Longest Stun Duration

1. Badang

Badang is the hero with the longest stun duration in Mobile Legends, capable of incapacitating opponents for 4 seconds. In addition to immobilizing opponents, Badang’s skill also features a dangerous knockback effect, posing a significant threat to anyone caught in its path. Moreover, the stun effect from Badang can be further extended with the right combination of items when using this hero.

2. Akai

Akai, known as the hero with the second-longest stun duration in Mobile Legends, can silence opponents for 5 seconds with his stun effect. This stun effect originates from a combination of Akai’s first skill and ultimate skill. With this attack, opponents are cornered and rendered helpless when pushed towards walls by the hero.

3. Lolita

Unlike Badang and Akai, Lolita’s stun effect applies to a wider area. Consequently, Lolita can catch more than one opponent in the nearby vicinity. The stun effect from Lolita’s skill lasts for 2.8 seconds and occurs when the hero uses her first skill towards opponents within the attack range.

4. Selena

Still one of the worst Hero that has the longest stun in Mobile Legends. Albeit its highest skill shot experience, you can use her to give 5s stun with only 1 tap. What do you think about Selena?

Terrifying when used at the right moment, these are the three heroes with the longest stuns in Mobile Legends. Among them, which one would you prefer to use in ranked matches or tournaments?

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