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Google is rolling out a significant update to its two-factor authentication (2FA) system, aiming to provide users with a more streamlined and secure login experience. This update, already making its way to Workspace users and personal accounts, simplifies the setup process while bolstering overall security.

Strengthening Android Phones with 2FA

Previously, users had the option to enable 2FA but lacked the ability to define the secondary verification method upfront. The latest update addresses this by allowing users to choose a second-factor method, such as the Google Authenticator app or similar OTP-generating apps, before activating 2FA.

This will remove the SMS verification, that is usually the default for many users. Google emphasizes the advantages of this approach, prioritizing stronger authentication methods like authenticator apps and hardware security keys to significantly enhance account protection.

Enhanced Security Options with Passkeys and Security Keys

This update is going to introduce 2 things here:

  1. Use Security Key: This option employs the FIDO1 protocol to register a credential on the security key.
  2. Create Passkey: Leveraging the FIDO2 protocol, this method offers a more robust approach. Users opting for this must utilize the security key’s PIN for verification, adding an extra layer of security.

Improved User Control

Another things to be looking out for is the revised behaviour when disabling 2FA. Do note that before, turning it off is going to remove the secondary factor with the account. The updated system offers greater user control. Now, deactivating 2FA will not automatically remove the pre-defined secondary factors, ensuring continued protection even if users temporarily disable 2FA.

Overall, this update is used to enhanced the account security by Google. Priotizing the stronger authentification methods is going to offer more control for users.

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