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Welcome to the Monopoly GO Today Event Schedule for June 10th, 2024! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline all the exciting events happening in the virtual world of Monopoly GO, ensuring you’re well-prepared to seize every opportunity for rewards and progress.

With a mix of daily specials, tournaments, and solo challenges, there’s something for every player seeking fortune and fun in this digital board game adventure. Let’s dive into the schedule and plan your day for maximum success!

What are the Monopoly GO events for today, June 10?

Flash events, or special events, occur daily but only for short durations. It’s crucial to check their start and end times to maximize rewards. Tournaments and Solo events typically last one to three days, while main events run for three to five days. Here’s a breakdown of all Monopoly GO events happening today:

Special Monopoly GO events today, June 10:

  • Mega Heist: 2am – 7:59pm CT
  • Free Parking: 8am – 1:59pm CT
  • Rent Frenzy: 2pm – 7:59pm CT
  • Builder’s Bash: 2pm – 10:59pm
  • Mega Heist: 8pm – 10:59pm CT

A High Roller event can significantly impact your gameplay, offering thousands of free Dice rolls or leveling up your Monopoly GO boards during a Builder’s Bash event for extra rewards.

Solo and tournament Monopoly GO events today, June 10:

  • Martian Treasures (Main Event): 3:58pm CT
  • Martian Core Quest (Solo Event): 3:58pm CT
  • Rover Rally (Tournament): 3:58pm CT

Active solos and tournaments may include special events like High Roller and Mega Heist, providing additional opportunities to earn rewards.

What are the best Monopoly GO events to play on June 10?

While the High Roller event coincides with the end of several events, players can still benefit from Wheel Boost rewards. Night owls can take advantage of this, while early birds can profit from Cash Grab. Timing big Sticker pack openings with Sticker Boom can also maximize rewards.

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