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The Pokemon Go community is grappling with a puzzling question: why isn’t Niantic cracking down on what many perceive as blatant cheaters, in violation of their own rules?

The debate ignited when a player shared a screenshot revealing multiple users employing duplicate accounts to secure top spots on the Showcase Leaderboards.

Which According to Niantic’s Terms of Service, playing with multiple accounts is considered cheating.

Why does Niantic turn a blind eye to cheaters in this game?
byu/fumebound inpokemongo

The original poster, Fumebound, found themselves in 5th place, while players named “Macgyver” and “Babb” occupied the rest of the top positions, differing only in their usernames’ final digits. Frustrated, Fumebound queried, “Why does Niantic ignore cheaters in this game?” triggering a flood of similar sentiments from fellow trainers.

Various players offered their perspectives, with some alleging financial motives behind Niantic’s inaction. Some say that they wanted data, and concern regarding the region-locked Pokemon and events, which Niantic is not effectively addressing the problem itself.

Another player also stated that some cheaters spent $10 on one account for 5 accounts which effectively is better for Niantic since they get more money. Each player states that it is frustrating that Niantic won’t address it even with allegedly solid evidence regarding the cheating evidence.

While not everyone agrees on whether using multiple accounts constitutes cheating in Pokemon Go, Niantic’s guidelines have long classified it as such. This practice, often coupled with the notorious spoofing technique, exploits the game’s reward system and enables players to assert dominance over Gyms.

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