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If you’re searching for an engaging and strategic game, look no further than Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG to download. This game combines the thrill of tactical planning with the convenience of idle gameplay, providing an experience that is both deep and accessible.

In Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG, you embark on a quest to conquer a darkened spire, cursed by a fallen sorcerer. As the world plunges into chaos, it’s up to you and your party of heroes to bring light back to the realm. The game kicks off with a compelling storyline and an initial event where players can recruit new party members, including the adorable cat hero, Elin, by attending for seven days and creating an account to get 2222 pulls.

As you progress, your heroes will grow stronger. The game encourages you to continually upgrade your party to break through your limits and take on more formidable foes. Enemies lurk in stages and dungeons, always ready to challenge your strategies. Conquer these dungeons to collect valuable loot and enhance your party’s abilities.

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG offers a rich blend of strategy, action, and idle mechanics, making it an ideal game for those who enjoy tactical planning and epic quests. Don’t miss out on the opening event, and start your journey today by downloading the game.

Download Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG

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