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Mobile Legends fans are gearing up for the arrival of Zhuxin, the latest hero to grace the battlefield of MLBB. Recently unveiled on the advanced server through Patch 1.8.70, Zhuxin brings a unique set of skills that promise to shake up gameplay dynamics.

Mobile Legends Zhuxin’s Abilities

  • Passive: Crimson Butterflies – During Lantern Flare, Zhuxin converts mana into Crimson Butterflies, which follow her Spirit Lantern. After channeling Lantern Flare, these butterflies gradually disappear and restore her mana.
  • Skill 1: Fluttering Grace – Zhuxin unleashes a fan-shaped Magic Damage attack, applying 3 stacks of Soul Snare to enemies hit. Additionally, she steals Movement Speed from all affected enemy heroes, enhancing her mobility and crowd control capabilities.
  • Skill 2: Lantern Flare – With this skill, Zhuxin can maneuver her Spirit Lantern to continuously deal Magic Damage to enemies within range. Enemies hit accumulate Soul Snare stacks, which, when fully charged, lift them airborne. Releasing the lantern throws captured enemies to a target location, dealing Magic Damage in the area.
  • Ultimate: Crimson Beacon – Zhuxin blinks to a designated spot, gaining a shield and entering a flying state. While airborne, she creates a damaging field around her that applies Soul Snare stacks to enemies, ensuring they remain vulnerable.

Zhuxin’s arrival in Mobile Legends is still in its testing phase on the advanced server, suggesting potential adjustments before her official release. Players can anticipate more updates as Mobile Legends continues to refine and introduce new heroes to the game. Stay tuned for further developments on Zhuxin and prepare to experience her unique abilities firsthand in the upcoming updates of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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