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Best Period Tracking Apps on Android – In today’s fast-paced world, managing one’s menstrual cycle can be a daunting task. However, with the advent of technology, period tracking apps have become a game-changer for women, providing a convenient and efficient way to monitor their cycles, symptoms, and overall reproductive health. These apps offer a wealth of features, from predicting future periods and fertile windows to tracking moods and physical symptoms, empowering women to take control of their bodies and make informed decisions.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the top five period tracking apps available on the Android platform, highlighting their unique features, user-friendly interfaces, and overall effectiveness. Whether you’re seeking a simple yet reliable period calendar or a more robust app with advanced tracking capabilities, our in-depth analysis will guide you in selecting the best option tailored to your specific needs.

Best Period Tracking Apps on Android

1. Period Calendar Period Tracker

Period Calendar Period Tracker is a comprehensive app that boasts a stellar 4.9-star rating and is beloved in 63 countries with over 300 million users. It caters to both women aiming to conceive and those managing birth control, offering precise tracking of menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertility. Beyond basic period tracking, it allows users to monitor intimate details like cervical mucus, BMI, and mood, supported by features such as pill reminders and data backup for seamless tracking and privacy.


2. Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker is a leading app trusted by over 350 million users worldwide for its comprehensive period, pregnancy, and cycle tracking capabilities. With a high rating and user satisfaction, Flo offers accurate menstrual predictions, ovulation tracking, and fertility window insights. It empowers users with detailed health insights and supports partner integration to enhance communication and support during fertility and pregnancy journeys.


3. My Calendar – Period Tracker

My Calendar – Period Tracker is a user-friendly app designed to monitor menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertility with ease. It offers comprehensive tracking of irregular periods, symptoms, weight, and more. Discreet reminders keep users informed about upcoming periods and fertile days. With robust privacy features like password protection and data backup, it ensures secure management of sensitive information. The intuitive calendar adapts to cycle history for accurate predictions of fertility and key menstrual dates, making it a reliable tool for women’s health management.


4. MeetYou – Period Tracker

MeetYou – Period Tracker is a popular app with over 300 million downloads worldwide, offering precise menstrual and ovulation tracking. It features AI-driven algorithms for accurate predictions and supports detailed recording of menstrual flow, PMS symptoms, emotions, and more to enhance algorithm intelligence. With a user-friendly interface and privacy protection through password settings, it also provides tailored prompts for lifestyle management. Additionally, it offers specialized modes for pregnancy preparation, pregnancy tracking, and parenting, making it a versatile tool for women’s health and family planning.


5. Clue Period Tracker & Calendar

Clue Period Tracker & Calendar is an award-winning app that goes beyond basic tracking, offering comprehensive insights into menstrual health and reproductive cycles. With over 650 million cycles tracked, it allows customization for various health goals like conception or perimenopause. Featuring 200+ tracked data points, Clue provides personalized predictions for periods, PMS, and ovulation, supported by science-backed insights and medical-grade fertility tracking for enhanced accuracy and proactive health management.


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