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If you’re looking for a game called Yin You Zhan Ji, you’ve come to the right place to download the game! This JRPG with pixel art style is developed by Beijing WeiYouHuDong Network Technology Co., Ltd., specially designed for the iPad. With a rating of 4.0 from 65 users, this game offers an immersive adventure on a mysterious planet filled with giant mechanical beasts and exciting exploration.

In Yin You Zhan Ji, you will play as a commander of a special operations unit landing on a planet full of mystery and danger. When humanity’s last ship is forced to land on this perilous planet, you must recruit pioneers with unique personalities to form a team and uncover the secrets behind the giant mechanical creatures that inhabit the planet. You will explore various dangerous terrains, confront giant mechanical beasts, and investigate ancient ruins alongside the pioneers.

On the planet Parola, there are many mineral resources with special powers. Besides mining these resources on your own, you can also form legions and set up bases to collect resources more efficiently. The limited resources force players to compete and create the right strategies to gain as many resources as possible. With six different classes and various heroes that can be recruited in the tavern, you can build a team with unique combinations to tackle diverse enemies.

In addition to intense battles, Yin You Zhan Ji also offers various relaxing activities such as fishing, collecting fish for your personal aquarium, and fun mini-games like barbeques and quizzes. The game’s lightweight system with auto-battle and idle farming features makes it easy for you to gather a lot of resources without having to be constantly active. Additionally, you can change the appearance of your character with various accessories to create a unique style.

Download Yin You Zhan Ji

Download Yin You Zhan Ji

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