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Moonton Games, the creator of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), continues to innovate with exciting new features for its players. In the MLBB advance server, Moonton has announced a new update introducing a Lord with special minions in the game Mobile Legends. This update will be available for testing from June 30 to July 1 on the advance server.

Moonton has made significant changes to the Lord, a crucial element in MLBB’s gameplay strategy. After successfully introducing Lords in three lanes, they are now bringing a Lord equipped with special minions. This update aims to provide players with new challenges and gameplay dynamics.

Testing on the advance server allows Moonton to gather feedback from players before launching the update on the original server. This ensures that any changes made are optimized and free from bugs.

New 3 Special Minions Coming to Mobile Legends

With the addition of special minions accompanying the Lord, team strategies for attacking and defending will evolve. Players will need to adapt to new formations and strategize effectively against these stronger Lords. The update will be available on the MLBB advance server from June 30 to July 1. Players with access to the advance server can try out this new feature and provide feedback to Moonton.

It remains uncertain whether the feature of Lords with special minions will be implemented on the original server. However, if player feedback is positive, there is a high possibility that this feature will become a permanent addition. This could mark the beginning of more exciting updates to come in MLBB.

Moonton’s innovation in introducing a Lord with special minions demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience in MLBB. Players are encouraged to try out this new feature on the advance server and provide constructive feedback. This way, MLBB can continue to grow and become even more engaging for its community.

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