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Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero is a crucial process for new players aiming to optimize their starting lineup. This guide covers everything you need to know to kickstart your rerolling journey effectively.

Getting Started with Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero

The reroll process in Zenless Zone Zero begins by creating a new account and diving straight into the story mission. This initial phase includes dialogue and tutorial battles, which can be sped up significantly using the skip button to bypass the story segments.

Typically, completing this early phase takes about 20 minutes if you follow the story and battle sequences closely. However, skipping the story can reduce this time significantly.

How Many Available Pulls and Target Characters in ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero

On the first day, you’ll have approximately 30 pulls for the beginner’s banner, ensuring a guaranteed five-star character by the 40th pull. You receive two multi-pulls from pre-registration rewards and one more from the early event. There are two main rerolling strategies:

  1. Fast Reroll: Use your three multi-pulls and check for a five-star character. If unsuccessful, reroll.
  2. Extended Reroll: Grind for additional multi-pulls to secure a five-star character.

Here are some recommended characters to target:

  • Rina, Grace, and Lycaon: These choices offer strong synergy and future-proof kits.
  • Soldier 11 and Nekoma: Excellent DPS options, with Nekoma slightly edging out due to its physical element.
  • Cola: Lower priority but still useful depending on personal preference.

Should You Target Limited Characters Early in ZZZ

Attempting to acquire limited characters like Ellen alongside standard five-star characters can pose a challenge due to additional RNG layers. If targeting both, prepare for numerous rerolls. It might be more practical to focus on standard characters first and then aim for limited characters later.

Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero is relatively swift compared to other games, taking approximately 20 minutes per attempt. Utilize the three multi-pulls from initial rewards to expedite the process, or consider using macro systems in emulators like LDPlayer, available for download on their site!

Best of luck with your rerolls, and may you obtain the characters you desire on your first try!

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