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Yostar has announced its latest RPG, Heaven Burns Red, created in partnership with WFS (known for Another Eden) and Visual Arts/Key. Set to debut at Anime Expo 2024, this narrative-driven game promises an engaging experience. Originally released in Japan in 2022, Heaven Burns Red now offers an English version.

Heaven Burns Red has already won accolades like “Best Game 2022” and the “Story Category Award” on Google Play. The game plunges you into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the Phage, mysterious lifeforms threatening humanity’s survival. Armed with the new “Seraph” weapon, chosen wielders called Seraphim must fight to save humanity from extinction.

Form your squad of warriors, each with unique abilities, to combat the Phage and restore hope to the world. Whether you’re strategizing battles or exploring the game’s immersive storyline, Heaven Burns Red promises an unforgettable journey.

Join the adventure today by downloading the game on the App Store or Google Play. It’s free-to-play, with optional in-app purchases to enhance your experience. Stay connected with the community on Twitter for updates, visit the official website for more details, or watch the embedded clip above to get a glimpse of the game’s captivating visuals and atmosphere.

Embark on your quest in the anime RPG game and become humanity’s last hope against the Phage. Are you ready for the challenge, check out other mobile games on android such as Build Kingdom.

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