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In the world of “Zenless Zone Zero,” decisions on which characters to summon can significantly impact your gameplay strategy. Among the latest additions, Ellen and Zhu Yuan emerge as compelling choices, each offering unique abilities and roles within your team composition.

Deciding whether to invest your resources in pulling for Ellen or Zhu Yuan requires careful consideration of their strengths, weaknesses, and how they fit into your overall game strategy. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each character to help you make an informed choice on where to focus your efforts in the ongoing quest for mastery in ZZZ.

Zenless Zone Zero – Ellen

Ellen Zenless Zone Zero

Ellen Zenless Zone Zero

Ellen is a standout character in “Zenless Zone Zero,” known for her dynamic gameplay and strategic depth. She brings a unique blend of speed, power, and tactical versatility to the battlefield, making her a favorite among players who value agile combat and precise control.


  • Drift Mechanic: Ellen’s defining feature is her drift mechanic, which allows her to execute fast dashes that can be seamlessly integrated into combos. This mechanic not only enhances her mobility but also enables advanced gameplay strategies such as quick charge accumulation and unique attack patterns.
  • Ice Elemental Attacks: Most of Ellen’s abilities and attacks are imbued with ice damage, adding a strategic layer by potentially freezing enemies and increasing critical damage against them. Her Flash Freeze ability further enhances her basic attacks when charged, significantly boosting their damage output.
  • Combat Style: Ellen excels in fast-paced combat scenarios where rapid decision-making and precise timing are crucial. Her ability to stack charges quickly and leverage her drift for both offense and defense makes her a versatile choice in various game modes.


  • Dependence on Skill Execution: Ellen’s effectiveness heavily relies on the player’s ability to master her drift mechanic and execute precise combos. Players who struggle with timing or fail to capitalize on her mobility may find her less impactful in combat.
  • Cooldown Management: Some of Ellen’s abilities, particularly those tied to her drift and special attacks, may have cooldown periods that limit continuous usage. Players need to manage these cooldowns effectively to maintain consistent performance in prolonged engagements.

Ellen shines in team compositions that benefit from her supportive buffs and adaptable combat style. Pairing her with characters who can capitalize on her buffs or cover her weaknesses enhances her effectiveness. Whether you prioritize offense or defense, Ellen’s versatility and supportive capabilities make her a strong contender for players seeking a well-rounded addition to their ZZZ roster.

Zenless Zone Zero – Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yan stands out in “Zenless Zone Zero” as a dynamic character with unique movement options and specialized dodge mechanics that enhance her combat effectiveness. Here’s an in-depth look at her capabilities:


  1. Agile Movement and Dodge Mechanics: Zhu Yan possesses agile movement akin to Ellen, allowing her to swiftly maneuver around the battlefield. Her dodge mechanics are particularly notable as they automatically trigger perfect dodges during specific inputs or motions, providing crucial defensive advantages against enemy attacks.
  2. Versatile Attack Patterns: Zhu Yan excels in close-quarters combat with a flurry of rapid movements and rush-down attacks. Her skill set includes quick slides and evasive maneuvers that enable her to maintain pressure on opponents while evading retaliatory strikes.
  3. Buckshot Damage Amplification: Central to Zhu Yan’s strategy is her unique ability to utilize buckshots, small explosive rounds that significantly boost her damage output. When she unleashes these buckshots, either in regular attacks or enhanced versions, her damage potential increases substantially, especially against stunned enemies.


  1. Skill Execution Complexity: Mastering Zhu Yan requires a high level of skill execution due to the precision needed in timing her dodge counters and maximizing the use of her buckshots. Players must be adept at chaining attacks seamlessly while utilizing her dodge mechanics to avoid damage effectively.
  2. Dependency on Team Composition: To fully capitalize on Zhu Yan’s potential, players often need to build a team composition that complements her strengths, such as including characters like Nicole to enhance her critical hit rate and support her offensive capabilities.

Zhu Yan thrives in aggressive team compositions that focus on maximizing her mobility and burst damage potential. Pairing her with characters who can capitalize on her stun effects or provide additional crowd control enhances her effectiveness in various game modes. Players who enjoy high-speed, skill-intensive gameplay will find Zhu Yan to be a rewarding choice, capable of turning the tide of battles through precise timing and strategic use of her unique abilities.

When considering whether to invest resources in acquiring Zhu Yan in “Zenless Zone Zero,” evaluating her fit within your team’s strategy and playstyle preferences is crucial. Her blend of mobility, damage output, and defensive capabilities makes her a formidable addition for players seeking a dynamic and versatile character in their roster.

So Which is the Best Zhu Yan or Ellen?

Zhu Yan or Ellen

Zhu Yan or Ellen

Choosing between Zhu Yan and Ellen in “Zenless Zone Zero” depends on several factors and preferences:

Factors to Consider:

1. Playstyle Preference:

  • Ellen: If you enjoy agile, fast-paced gameplay with a focus on mobility and combo execution, Ellen might be more appealing. Her drift mechanic and quick attacks allow for dynamic playstyles.
  • Zhu Yan: For players who prefer a strategic approach with elemental mastery and supportive capabilities, Zhu Yan’s control over ice elements and crowd control abilities might be more suitable.

2. Role in Team Composition:

  • Ellen: She excels as a damage dealer with high mobility, capable of engaging and disengaging quickly. Her abilities to stack damage and control the battlefield through quick movements make her ideal for aggressive playstyles.
  • Zhu Yan: Offers more utility with crowd control and elemental effects, making her valuable in team compositions that prioritize controlling enemy movements and setting up combos.

3. Skill Floor vs. Skill Ceiling:

  • Ellen: While accessible to beginners, mastering Ellen’s drift mechanics and combo executions can elevate her effectiveness significantly. Skilled players can exploit her mobility and damage potential to outmaneuver opponents effectively.
  • Zhu Yan: Requires strategic positioning and timing to maximize her crowd control abilities and elemental effects. Players with a knack for strategic planning and team synergy can unlock Zhu Yan’s full potential.

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