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Hey there, Honor fans! Big news—Honor is getting ready to launch their new Magic V3 smartphone, and we’ve got some cool details to share. They’ve talked about new colors it’ll come in and even showed a picture of what it looks like!

The Honor Magic V3 is super thin when you fold it up—only 9.7mm thick. That’s thinner than the last one they made, which was 9.9mm. So, it’s one of the thinnest phones you can fold up right now!

They’re saying this phone will be able to handle water really well. It’s got something called an IPX8 rating for that. And guess what? It’s got a big battery that lasts a long time—5200 mAh! Plus, it can charge up super fast with a wire, up to 66W. Inside, it’s got a fancy Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip that makes everything run really fast and smooth. And for taking pictures, there’s a main camera that’s 50MP—so photos should look really clear and nice!

Waiting for More News…

Even though we know some stuff now, we still have to wait until July 12 when Honor will tell us more about the Magic V3. That’s when they’ll say exactly what else this phone can do and when it’ll be available for everyone to buy. Keep watching for more updates about the Honor Magic V3. It sounds like it’s going to be a really awesome phone!

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