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Building a strong team is crucial in Zenless Zone Zero, not only to maximize your account’s value but also to tackle endgame challenges effectively, like Shield Defense mode. Today, I’ll introduce the top five teams that can help you dominate the game and enjoy your journey.

What You Need to Understand Before Building Your Team?

Before exploring the teams, it’s essential to understand how to construct an effective team in Zenless Zone Zero. Each character falls into one of five specialties: Attacker, Defender, Stunner, Anomaly, and Support. Each specialty serves a distinct role, from dealing damage to providing buffs or control. When forming your team, aim for a balanced mix of these specialties to handle various enemy types and challenges effectively.

Additionally, consider each character’s Elemental attribute and Faction. Characters sharing the same attribute or faction can synergize, granting significant buffs that enhance their effectiveness in combat. This synergy is indicated by a small indicator before missions, ensuring you optimize team performance.

Now, let’s dive into the top five teams in Zenless Zone Zero. I’ll include free-to-play options for each team so everyone can benefit, even without top-tier characters.

1. Mono Electric Team: Anton, Grace, Rina

This team revolves around electric damage synergy. Anton, often underestimated initially, shines as a main damage dealer, especially effective in Burst Mode with his ability to trigger shock on enemies.

Grace complements Anton perfectly with her ranged attacks and mobility, making her adept at inflicting shock status and maintaining safe distance during combat. Her ability to lob grenades mid-combo adds a dynamic element to the team’s strategy.

Rina, another S-rank Electro character, significantly boosts the team’s damage output and defense penetration. Her unique ability to maintain defense penetration as long as one of her puppets remains active is straightforward to manage, enhancing overall team sustainability and damage potential.

2. Mono Ice Team: Ellen Main DPS, Soukaku, Lycaon

Considered one of the meta teams at Zenless Zone Zero’s launch, the Mono Ice Team revolves around Ellen as the primary DPS character. Ellen’s prowess lies in her ability to stack Flash Freeze, significantly boosting her damage output with each stack. Her combination of special and EX attacks unleashes devastating damage, making her a top contender in any team composition.

Soukaku, a versatile A-rank character, supports Ellen with attack buffs and the ability to reduce enemy Ice resistance, further enhancing Ellen’s damage potential. Additionally, Soukaku ability to force switches with her hold skill adds tactical depth to the team’s strategy.

Lycaon, who shares the Ice attribute, synergizes well with Ellen and Saku due to their shared faction. Lycaon excels as a stunner, building up days on enemies rapidly, which not only incapacitates foes but also increases the critical damage they receive when frozen.

3. Corin, Soukaku, Lycaon

This free-to-play-friendly team combines Corin’s physical damage output with Soukaku’s support abilities and Lycaon’s stunning capabilities. Corin, a physical attacker from the Victoria Housekeeping Company faction, excels in dealing sustained damage, especially when paired with Lyon’s stunning prowess.

Soukaku role in this team extends beyond support, providing buffs that enhance Corin’s damage potential and overall team performance. Lycaon’s ability to build up days quickly on enemies ensures constant crowd control, allowing Corin and Saku to maximize their damage output efficiently.

While lacking attribute and faction synergy, this team compensates with versatile gameplay mechanics and solid individual strengths, making it accessible and effective for all players.

4. Nicole, Anby, Nekomata

Featuring guaranteed characters Nicole and Anby, this team specializes in crowd control and high damage output. Nicole’s black hole ability groups enemies together, setting them up for devastating attacks from Nekoma and providing ample opportunities for Emy’s support skills.

Nekomata, known for her speed and agility in combat, excels as a physical attacker capable of maneuvering behind enemies to avoid damage while dealing substantial damage herself. Her ultimate chain attack and dodge counters provide effective AoE coverage, ideal for clearing waves of enemies swiftly.

Anby role as a support character extends to providing attack buffs and enhancing the team’s overall damage potential. Her synergy with Nicole and Nekomata ensures efficient wave clearing and sustained damage output in various combat scenarios.

5. Mono Fire Team: Soldier 11, Koleda, Lucy

Led by Soldier 11 as the primary damage dealer, this team capitalizes on fire attribute synergy to maximize damage output and efficiency in combat. Soldier 11’s unique mechanics, requiring precise timing for maximum damage with flame-imbued attacks, are complemented by Koleda and Lucy’s support abilities.

Lucy, as a support character, boosts the team’s attack stats significantly while her pet guardians provide additional damage output and daze, making her a versatile addition to the team.

Koleda rounds out the team’s composition as a stunner, leveraging her ability to build up days quickly on enemies through her skill combos. Her temporary invincibility frames during basic attacks ensure she remains effective in combat while supporting Soldier 11 and Koleda with timely crowd control.

Each team composition in Zenless Zone Zero offers unique strengths and strategies, catering to different playstyles and character availability. Whether aiming for competitive gameplay or enjoying the game casually, these teams provide solid foundations for success and enjoyment in Zenless Zone Zero.

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