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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) offers players a diverse array of free characters that not only enrich the gameplay experience but also provide strategic depth. As you embark on your journey through this captivating world, unlocking these characters becomes a pivotal part of optimizing your team composition and enhancing your combat prowess.

From versatile stunners to powerful elemental specialists, each character brings unique abilities and synergies to the table, ensuring there’s a free character to suit every playstyle. Let’s delve into the seven free characters for you when you play in Zenless Zone Zero.

7 Free Characters in The Zenless Zone Zero:

As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock several free characters in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Anby, Billy and Nicole: While Anby serves as a daze for some of the team, Anby excels as a versatile stunner crucial for various team setups. Nicole, the only current ether character, pairs well with upcoming characters, and Billy is the Physical attacker that is design as a physical attacker.
  • Corin: Also a physical attacker from the Victoria Housekeeping Company faction, Corin synergizes excellently with Ellen due to their shared faction and ability to deal significant damage, especially with anomaly characters.
  • Ben Bigger: Currently the only defence character, Ben Bigger is essential for endgame content, capable of tanking damage and supporting teammates like Koleta and Soldier 11.
  • Soukaku: Soukaku offers meaningful attack buffs and allows for reactive team swaps, making her a valuable addition, especially paired with Ellen for enhanced ice resistance and damage.
  • Lucy: A recent addition, Lucy from the Sons of Khedan faction provides powerful fire support with attack buffs, ideal for boosting Soldier 11’s damage output, Sadly it is said that Lucy is only planned as a free reward event that will eventually come.

Free Rewards:

Zenless Zone Zero offers generous rewards to enhance your experience:

  • ZZZ Redeem Codes
  • In-Game Events: Events like “Cunning Generosity,” “Sixth Street Giveaway, and other more offer additional Master types, encrypted tapes, and Boupons.
  • Level Rewards: Leveling up grants Master types and Boupons, with guaranteed S-rank characters after a certain number of summons on the standard Banner.
  • Battle Pass: The Battle Pass offers Master tapes, Boupons, and exclusive items, with the premium option providing additional rewards like W engines and poly chromes.

4 Tips for Maximizing Rewards:

  • Complete daily and weekly errands for experience and poly chromes.
  • Engage in combat simulations for essential rewards like offense certification seals and attack components.
  • Consider the Battle Pass for cost-effective rewards and additional perks if planning to invest long-term in the game.
  • Avoid unnecessary spending in the monochrome market and instead focus on event rewards and in-game achievements.

By leveraging these free characters and rewards effectively, you can optimize your progress and enjoyment in Zenless Zone Zero.

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