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Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide – Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), developed by Hoyoverse, introduces Rina, an S-Rank agent renowned for her unique combat style and support abilities. In this guide, we delve into Rina’s kit, rotations, builds, and synergies to maximize her potential in your team composition.

Rina’s Role, Abilities and Strategy

Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide

Rina, also known as Alexandrina Sebastian, excels as an Electro support sub-DPS with high mobility, making her adept at avoiding enemy attacks while on the field. Her standout ability is the “Core” passive, which boosts her team’s Pen Ratio (defense penetration), a crucial stat for increasing damage output in ZZZ. This makes her a valuable asset, especially in the early game where gear limitations exist.

Rina’s utility extends beyond her Pen Ratio buff. When paired with agents from similar factions, she extends shock durations and increases electric damage—a boon for teams focusing on electric-based strategies. Her combat style emphasizes quick swaps and strategic use of abilities rather than sustained on-field presence.

To leverage Rina effectively, mastering swap cancels is essential. This technique optimizes her puppet’s field time, crucial for maintaining the Pen Ratio buff. Her rotation strategy varies based on enemy status—utilizing her abilities optimally during enemy stuns to maximize damage output.

2 Strategy and Gameplay Tips

Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide

Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide

  1. Mastering Swap Cancels: To optimize Rina’s effectiveness, mastering swap cancels is essential. This technique involves switching to the next unit immediately after executing an attack with Rina, allowing you to maintain her Pen Ratio buff efficiently.
  2. Rotations During Combat:
    • Non-Stunned Enemies: When enemies aren’t stunned, prioritize using Rina’s abilities like her EX Special or normal attacks to maintain buff uptime. Swap back to your main DPS quickly to maximize damage output.
    • Stunned Enemies: Take advantage of stun states to chain Rina’s attacks, ensuring her puppets remain on the field longer to extend the Pen Ratio buff duration.

Rina Mindscapes Upgrades:

Investing in Rina’s mindscapes enhances her utility and effectiveness:

  • M1 Upgrade: Increases buff duration, making it easier to manage rotations effectively.
  • M2 to M5 Upgrades: Incrementally improve her damage and utility, enhancing her support capabilities.
  • M6 Upgrade: Provides additional electric damage buffs post-ability use, ideal for maintaining consistent team damage output.

How to Build Rina ZZZ

Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide

Rina Zenless Zone Zero Guide

In terms of equipment, Rina benefits from sets like Swing Jazz and Freedom Blue, focusing on energy regeneration and anomaly proficiency. These sets synergize well with her role as a sub-DPS/support unit, ensuring consistent performance in combat.

  • Artifact Sets: Opt for sets like Swing Jazz or Freedom Blue, focusing on energy regeneration and anomaly proficiency. These sets complement Rina’s role as a sub-DPS/support unit, ensuring she can use her abilities frequently.
  • Stat Prioritization: Prioritize stats like energy regeneration and anomaly proficiency to enhance Rina’s utility in combat, rather than traditional DPS stats like crit rate or attack.

Rina Synergies and Team Composition

Rina’s flexibility allows her to fit into various team compositions. However, she shines brightest in teams that capitalize on electric damage. Pairing her with units like Anton and Grace amplifies their effectiveness, thanks to her Pen Ratio buffs and shock duration extensions.

Pros and Cons for Rina Zenless Zone Zero


  • High Utility: Provides significant Pen Ratio buffs and electric damage boosts.
  • Versatility: Fits well into various team compositions, particularly those focused on electric damage.
  • Mobility: Evades enemy attacks effectively, minimizing damage taken.


  • Skill Intensity: Requires precise rotation management to maintain buffs effectively.
  • Animation Speed: Some abilities have slower animations, requiring strategic timing for optimal use.

Playing as Rena in ZZZ involves mastering her unique mechanics, utilizing swap cancels effectively, and optimizing her abilities to enhance team performance. Whether you’re focusing on early-game progression or preparing for endgame challenges, Rena’s support capabilities make her a valuable addition to any team aiming to maximize damage output and utility in Zenless Zone Zero.

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