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In Honor of Kings, there are two settings that can seriously impact your gameplay if left turned on. These settings are automatically set as default by the game’s system, leading many new or inexperienced players to overlook them.

2 Honor of Kings Settings That You Need to Turn Off

The first setting is “Attack While Moving.” This feature causes your hero to attack even when you’re trying to move away, often dragging you back into combat unexpectedly. This can be confusing and potentially fatal during team fights, as your hero moves contrary to your commands.

The second troublesome setting is “Skill Cancel Protection.” This setting requires your finger to stay within a small range for a specified time (e.g., 0.2 seconds) to cancel a skill. If not timed correctly, your skill might still activate even if you intended to cancel it, leading to unintended actions like flashing into enemy territory.

To avoid these issues and improve your gameplay experience, it’s crucial to turn off these settings. Doing so can prevent unnecessary deaths and increase your chances of winning matches. For more tips and tricks on the Honor of Kings, read more articles on Roonby for more tips!

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