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Google Translate Tap and Translate Feature: 4 Easy Tips

Google Translate Tap and Translate Feature: 4 Easy Tips

How do you do, Roonby reader? We’d like to talk about this translator that is used worldwide. This free translator support a great deal of language. You could easily copy and paste a text from or out of it. Although, do you know that it has feature to translate a text from another application on the spot? It has feature called Tap to Translate. You don’t need to pay to get it. If your Google Translate don’t have this feature, try to update it.

How do you use ‘Tap to Translate’?

First, you need to enable it. Make sure that you have the application installed on your android. Open your google translate. Then, tap the menu option on your screen’s upper left corner. Tap on ‘Settings’. It will direct you to the ‘Settings’ page. The next step is open ‘Tap to Translate’ and make it enable. From this point on, you could use this feature.

Use the ‘Tap to Translate’

example of how to use tap and translate

You could start to use this application by open the application from which you want to translate first. It could be your web browser, your text application, or another application which you need to translate.

  1. Select the text that you want to translate by tap awhile on it.

2. You will find three vertical dots that pop up above it.

3. Tap it and choose ‘translate’.

4. Now you get the translation of it.

You can switch the language if you want and you can copy the translation words.

Finally, you could just tap and get the translation words. We’d like to know your experience on it. Please, feel free to leave any comment. We hope you have a good day!