LoneWolf 17+ Review – Kill Your Enemy for The Sake of Your Own

LoneWolf 17+ Review – Kill Your Enemy for The Sake of Your Own

A great game is a game that is balance in every way, from the graphics, control, game play, and even the story. I think the 2 most important aspect is the game play and the story. If the graphic is good but the game playing is shitty then nothing, but if the gameplay is good but the graphic is bad, then people will tolerate it.

Because a game is fun when you can actually do something in the game. Anyway, one of the most bad ass game with cool story that is pretty popular nowadays is LoneWolf.



LONEWOLF is an intense game with moral conflicts.

1 Minute: Your mental-noise has calmed down. It’s just you and your weapon.
2 Minutes: You feel the wind, you know the distance, you sense your target’s movements
3 Minutes: You hear the echo of your gunfire… You made the first kill. Silence.

Can you handle it? The story unfolds..

The game is rated 17+, it is because there are a lot of murder in the game and it is not suitable for a child. But if you are a child and wanted to play the game, well, nobody can stop you.

Anyway, first of all. The game is awesome! Well, although the graphic is not really first class, the story and the game play can make up to it. The game let you immerse in the character itself, and each stages unlock what the character story and what he is searching for. The game also let you know the character backstory and why he kill a person.

But what you know is that you are an assassin, a killer that kill for the sake of your benefits. Either money or information, with a sniper riffle, gun, bomb or even your hand. You will kill the other for the sake of your own.

Pros Cons
1. Immersive Story 1. Plenty of ads
2. Interesting game play, for those that like to play a game of concentration. 2. A Pay to wins type of games
3. Pretty challenging and tons of modes to play. 3. Uses an energy system, so you as a player can’t play it however you want

App Rating

LoneWolf 17+ (Free (In App Purchase))
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