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Appearance is an important thing to be considered. In smartphone, it is including the theme or a launcher. For a smartwatch, i think it is watch face. The right watch face election will greatly affect your self-confidence. The problem is not easy to find a good appearance on a watch face. The watch face can represent a personality or a taste. This time, we will talk about some of the best Huawei Watch Face for download. There are 5 of the best watch face we suggest for you, hope you like it.

Well, below are 5 watch face we recommend to you:

1. Hilfiger MWM1791191

Hilfiger MWM1791191

If you like the appearance of classic watches combined with animation then Hilfiger MWM1791191 may be the best option for you. Hilfiger MWM1791191 has many animated features that will make you not feel bored, so you will feel more free to express your appearance. Hilfiger MWM1791191 has a rating of 5 out of a total of the 5-star rating, it means a lot to like and use MWM1791191 Hilfiger.


2. iWatch by Alsafeer

Iwatch by Alsafeer

IWatch by Alsafeer has a similar appearance to iWatch. Huawei Watch users who want a similar appearance with Apple Watch, this is may be one solution.


3. Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

If you are a fan of Bruce Lee’s characters, the theme of Bruce Lee (1940-1973) may be your choice. Bruce Lee (1940-1973) was a special theme made for fans of Bruce Lee. If you feel like the theme of Bruce Lee (1940-1973), then you can immediately download it.


4. Ruler Effect

ruler effect

The fourth theme that we offer is Ruler Effect. This theme looks simple and elegant look. Ruler Effect may be suitable for you who like simple appearance.


5. Samsung Gear 2

samsung gear 2

Finally, if you like the more simple things watch face like Samsung Gear 2 theme, it may be suitable for you. Samsung Gear 2 offers a very simple appearance, looks even more simple when compared with the theme Ruler Effect. If you like it, you can directly download.


That’s 5 Best Huawei Watch Faces that we recommend to you. Hope it can help you to find the best appearance for Huawei Watch yours.

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