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huawei watch battery life
Smartwatch became popular at this time, it makes peoples more clever to make their choices when buying a smartwatch. Deals with a wide range of smartwatch features, but the most important thing about the smartwatch is the battery performance. Then the more features and the greater ability of a smartwatch, of course. You should be very concerned with the battery endurance. That is being sought by many people is a smartwatch that have good ability and a good battery capacity anyway. This time, we will discuss the battery life of a smartwatch made by Huawei. Okay, let’s start talking about the Huawei Watch Battery Life.

Huawei Watch has a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh. Huawei stated that Huawei Watch batteries can be used for two days if the ambient mode is turned off, and 1.5 days at ambient mode is enabled.

We use 3 reference to make this article.

Battery testing by
Huawei Watch can last for 30 hours of use with the function of Always-On Display (screen shows the time in the form of black and white) enabled. When the Always-On Display function deactivated, this watch can last for 2 days.
Source: androidpit

Battery testing by
Huawei Watch able to survive for almost 4 days. WOW !!. The tester from TechRadar charged the watch on Friday, left it on a desk over the weekend, and the device still had power on Monday. Not described the testing methods and modes that are used.
Source: techradar

Battery testing by
– The First Testing
The brightness level set to 5. The always-on feature was enabled. Huawei Watch able to survive for 30 hours.
– The Second Testing
The brightness level set to 4. (Not clear whether the Always-on feature is enabled or not). Huawei Watch able to survive for approximately 30 hours.
– The Third Testing
The brightness level down to 3. (Not clear whether the Always-on feature is enabled or not). After 32 hours, the battery life remaining at 12 percent. Then the testers got sleep and the next morning the Watch was dead.
Source: cnet

Based on the data above, we can conclude:

If we talk about the resilience of the battery, then of course it will be related to the usage. Increasingly being used or the higher brightness level will make the battery quickly exhausted. For example, when we use a smartphone with a variety of features such as for navigation, surfing the internet, video capture, or listening to music, of course, your own battery will be quickly exhausted. Similarly, if you just let your phone in standby mode then your battery will last longer.

Things like this also apply to smartwatch, Huawei Watch will last longer when you leave it in standby mode. This means you do not do a lot of activities (look at battery testing by One thing that most drain the battery is the screen, so when the screen is dead or turn off, the battery life will last longer. Generally, Huawei Watch can last for 30 hours.

The Watch charging until full takes about an hour, this is not bad. Currently, many developers are trying to make products with better quality, including the battery life. The charging connector looks similar to the Apple Watch connector. The difference is only in the wireless magnetic plate which has four small gold connectors. This makes it can not be easily displaced when the battery power is being charged. Those are some things that can be inferred from Huawei Watch battery life.

Image via Phandroid

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