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Everyone needs certain applications to help their work, whether it is a smartphone application, computer, or even in smartwatch. This time, we will talk about the best application for your Samsung Gear S2, for those of you who have the latest Samsung smartwatch, maybe this article can help you find the best apps that you need.

Each application comes with its own purpose, of course, the application developers are trying to build applications that can be beneficial for its users. Some Samsung Gear S2 application in the market is Nike +, Yelp, ESPN, Here Maps, Line, Lifesum and etc. You do not need to confuse to choose the applications. You only need to customize it to your needs. Make sure that the gear applications you use are made by a trusted application developers. It would be better for you to ensure your Gear S2 safety.

Okay, let’s start talking about the best Samsung Gear S2 Apps. As I said in the second paragraph that each application comes with its own purpose, then you as an user have to be more proficient in sorting out the applications you’ll use. There are applications that we suggest for you:

1. HERE Navigator

Here Naviagtor

Samsung Gear S2 Apps: 5 Best Apps You Should Know

Here Navigator is an application that can help you to show the direction, we call it “small map”. That is when you’re going to a place that you have not recognized. You can utilize this application, the Here Navigator. Samsung has associated with mapping services, and you can also download the application through your devices.

2. Yelp for Gear

yelp app

If you are a busy work, the Yelp application maybe the best application to remind your lunch time.

3. Nike + Running

nike+ running

Nike + Running app is an application that provides information about the distance between users, pace, and length in a running. For those of you who love sports, especially running, the Nike + Running can be the best choice for you.

4. SmartThings


With the SmartThings Gear app for Samsung S2, you can use your own smartwatch to activate the lighting in your home. So your house is ready when you go home. Don’t you want to get this feature?

5. Volkswagen

If you have Volkswagen car, the apps will connect your Car with Samsung Gear S2.  Through smartwatch you can perform remote control and some simple task on your car. For example, when you want to turn on the air conditioner or stop charging on your electric car. You only need this apps to do it.

That is all about the Samsung Gear S2 Apps, Hopefully, it can help you to find the best Samsung Gear S2 Apps for you.

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