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samsung gear s vs gear s2
Samsung Gear S has been released on November 7, 2014, while Samsung Gear S2 was released on October 2, 2015. Samsung Gear S2 is the next generation of Samsung Gear S. Samsung should provide the better features on Samsung Gear S2. How about the comparison between the Samsung Gear S and Samsung Gear S S2? Therefore, this time we will talk about the comparison between the 2 smartwatch device. Okay, now let’s talk about them.

Samsung Gear S vs Gear S2 3G version: The Design Aspect

The Samsung Gear S2 available in three versions, the Gear S2, Gear S2 Classic and Gear S2 3G. For the Gear S2 3G absolutely has 3G and build in GPS. The 3G version is the one we are comparing to the Gear S.

The Samsung Gear S has rectangular shape and 12.5 mm thick with a base size of 58.1 x 39.9 mm. The weight is 67 grams. Samsung Gear S2 3G has circular shape. It is slightly thicker at 13.4 mm with a base size of 51.8 x 44 mm and the weight is 51 grams. The Samsung Gear S2 Standard and The Samsung Gear S2 Classic are not so thick because they do not have an e-SIM.

The Samsung Gear S has a 2” curved Super AMOLED touchscreen with resolution of 360 x 480 and 300 ppi. While, The Samsung Gear S2 3G has a 1.2” Super AMOLED touchscreen display with 360 x 360 of resolution and 302 ppi color depth.


1. Gear S has rectangular shape design, more thinner but heavier. It is also has larger screen size but weaker color depth.

2. Gear S2 has circular shape design, more thicker but lighter. It is has smaller screen size but higher color depth.

Samsung Gear S vs Gear S2 3G: The Features

The Samsung Gear S uses Bluetooth 4.1, wi-fi, and also support 2G and 3G networks. Obviously, Samsung Gear S can be used independently of a smartphone because it has nano-SIM card slot. While The Samsung Gear S2 3G uses the Bluetooth 4.1, wi-fi, and support 2G and 3G networks like the Gear S. The Gear S2 also has e-SIM. That is mean, the Samsung Gear S2 can be used independently like the Gear S. The new Samsung Gear S2 has NFC features which can be used to make a payments in stores with NFC equipment by Samsung Pay.

The Samsung Gear S and Samsung Gear S2 3G have 300 mAh battery capacity. The Samsung Gear S will be have 1 – 1.5 days battery life, but the beside charging dock, you wil get a portable power bank. Thus, we could say that doubles the battery life. The Gear S2 3G has a battery life of 2 days according to Samsung claims.


Gear S2 has an advantage with the NFC feature. It can be use to make payment in stores via Samsung Pay.

– Gear S has an advantage on battery life with free portable power bank as a bonus when purchasing. (if this offer is still available) 

Well, that is all about the comparison between Samsung Gear S and Gear S2. You may need to look another source to get more specific information. Thanks for coming, hopefully, this can help you. 😀

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