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Huawei Watch Speaker: It Will Useful in The Future

Huawei Watch is the one of the best-looking Android Wear watch, if you are a fan of classic watch design. Huawei Watch also as the one of the first Android Wear watch that has a good work on iOS. That is mean Huawei Watch has a good compatibility with iOS and Android. You may need to understand the Huawei Watch specs to get more specific information. Okay, now we will discuss the Huawei Watch Speaker.

The story at Android Police opened up the case of a Huawei Watch review unit and they found a speaker inside the case. That doesn’t actually do anything yet because Google’s smartwatch operating system currently has no support audio output through a speaker. There is no native support for speakers that might explain why no other Android Wear watches have the speaker inside.

Why Huawei Watch has a speaker inside if the speaker does nothing? I mean, until now the speaker inside Huawei Watch have no function at least for native speaker output. There is a question from liliputing, it is the company planning to release a special application that enables the speaker in the future? Actually, you can pair a Bluetooth headphones with an Android Wear device to listen to a music.

The next question, does the company suspect that Google will add support for speakers in the future? There is no information about these questions, we should have a positive think about this case. Is that possible a big Company like Google and Huawei do a wrong step here? It might happen in the other case, but on the case a speaker inside Huawei Watch is a big think that they must consider. Because speaker inside Huawei Watch is a hardware, so let’s say that speaker will useful in the future.

Okay, I’ve to think that all of you are agreed that the speaker inside Huawei Watch as a sign of things to come. As we know that Google has known to add a new feature on Android Wear watches by software updates. The platform did not support Wi-Fi feature when the first device sell in early 2014, but many early Android Wear devices had the hardware to support Wi-Fi. When Google release a new version of its smartwatch operating system that support Wi-Fi feature, then the watch get the support Wi-Fi feature after getting the operating system upgrade.

Well, that is all about the Huawei Watch Speaker. Hopefully, this can help you to understand the news related to the speaker inside Huawei Watch.

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