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moto 360 2 specsMoto 360 2 Specs : The Complete Guide

After we talked about the Moto 360 2 features, now we will talk about the Moto 360 2 Specs. As we know that Moto 360 2 available in two models, the 42 mm and the 46 mm models. That all models must be equal to a 1.37-inch and 1.56-inch LCD display. It is also protected by Gorilla Glass 3rd generation. The bigger models of Moto 360 have 360 x 360 screen resolution while the small models have 360 x 325 screen resolution.

The Moto 360 2 comes with a fairly standard 512 MB of RAM and 4Gb of internal storage. It still have the same specs with the previous models. The Moto 360 2 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and combined with an Adreno 305 at the 450MHz clock-speed.

Here The Moto 360 2 full specifications

Moto 360 2: The Compatibility

The Moto 360 works with Android (4.3+) and iPhone (iPhone 5 onwards, with the iOS 8.2 or later)

Moto 360 2: The Display

This device has a backlit LCD with Gorilla Glass 3 (just like I say at the first paragraph). The small models of Moto 360 2 has 1.37-inch with 360 x 325 screen resolution and with 263 ppi depth color. The Larger models 1.56-inch, it has 360 x 360 screens resolution and also with 233 ppi depth color.

Moto 360 2: Battery Issue

The Moto 360 2 (42mm) version has 300 mAh battery capacity while the 46mm version has 400 mAh battery capacity. It has the wireless charging dock. The bundled accessory is almost identical to previous generation. In this latest model, you can choose the charging display color in dock mode using Moto Connect app.

You can read the battery test from here

You can read the battery test from here

Moto 360 2: The Processor

The Moto 360 has 360 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and an Adreno 305 GPU (450MHz)

Moto 360 2: RAM and Internal Storage

Moto 360 2 has 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM

Moto 360 2: Connectivity

This Device has Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

Moto 360 2: Heart rate sensors and IP Certificate

Moto 360 equipped with Optical heart rate monitor (PPG). This Smartwatch has IP67 dust and water resistant* – take a note please that the “water resistant” is different with “waterproof”

Finally, what do you think about Moto 360 2? Are you interest in buying the Moto 360 2? That is all about the Moto 360 specs, I think you must make a clear opinion on this case. Then you also need more specific details from the other site. Hopefully, this can help you.

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