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moto 360 2 iphone

Moto 360 2 iPhone : Everything Works as Expected

We have already talked about the Huawei Watch iPhone, then now we will talk about the Moto 360 2 iPhone. Yes, the moto 360 does work with the iPhone as long as the Moto has the latest version of Android Wear. As reported by the, Google said that Android Wear Platform will work with the iPhone.

This is a big step for the wearable device like a smartwatch, because a multi-platform will make the users easily to pair their smartwatch with their smartphone. However, that step does not come without a few caveats. Let say that it only applies to new Android Wear models like the LG Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch and etc. The Google’s reason is to make sure the buyer could use the watch with an iPhone right out of the box and also not have to be worried about the compatibility issues. Thus, after you have finished to download the new Android Wear app for iOS, you will get successful to par the Moto 360 with an iPhone.

“Everything Works as expected, including watch faces and the Voice commands.”

As you can see the statement, well according to the information from that said the Moto 360 has successful paired with the iPhone without a problem exist. They’re also said that they was able to install the third-party watch faces from Google’s limited in the iOS app to the Moto 360 2. Then, about the voice commands, they reported that just working well on the Moto 360 when paired with an iPhone. So far, let say that the Moto 360 2 has a good compatibility with the iPhone although the performance has been a bit slower as reported theverge. Actually, you might be got another experience when you have tried in your own way.

The conclusions that we get is the Moto 360 2 was paired with an iPhone, and we did not have to hack anything to get it work. However, you only need to update the Moto 360 with the latest Android Wear firmware, then you’ve got a good compatibility between the Moto 360 2 and your iPhone. Finally, when you get any problem with the compatibility between Moto 360 and iPhone, you can report to the developer of this smartwatch to get some fix or update. That will be more useful than you get angry to someone, then what you have got? The problem of the compatibility issues are important to reported, because the developer will get some clues to give some fix way. That is all about the Moto 360 2 iPhone, thanks for coming up.

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