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The Story of Clarisse Lafleur: The Rich Kids of Instagram

Instagram has recently become one of the social media to show off a luxurious life. As did a pretty teen named Clarisse Lafleur. At the age of 18, Clarisse arguably already have everything. Despite all his wealth is a gift from his father.

Clarisse already has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. She likes to show off his picture on a chair at fly first class or private plane, drive a luxury car, a holiday on a cruise ship and use the fashion from well-known fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld.

Her grandfather was the former president of New Caledonia for 15 years. His name is Jacques Lafleur. New Caledonia is a territory that is under the auspices of France. Meanwhile, his father a successful businessman who has import-export company, plastic factory, restaurant to the hotel.

“My father was very generous and he wants the best for their children. I’m too embarrassed to say how much I spent on clothes and accessories. A lot of people for a year to pay less than the amount spent,” she said that we have quoted from the Daily Mail.

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Clarisse who often look sexy admitted aware that not everyone likes her lifestyle. Haters also appear on Instagram. “I really realized that people consider it is negative life style,” she said.

But Clarisse who was studying business at Bond University, Australia, said she did not carelessly throw away money. The blonde woman also claimed the family did not only spend the money, but had a charitable foundation to help poor children receive education. He also seriously learn to continue his father’s business.

“My hope is to work with my dad until he retired and then took over the business. But it was not enough and I would diversify the business even more,” she said.

Clarisse includes The Rich Kids of Instagram, the young boy who likes to display his luxury lifestyle on the social networking that owned by Facebook. They are quite popular although many people do not like and judge they do not deserve. There are also the statements are satisfied with their lives, there is no envy at Clarisse.

“I struggled to get a salary every month. I smiled when payday. I’m not interested in luxury lifestyle and boring like that. Imagine that you do not need to save anything and not happy to collect money,” wrote an online commentary.

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Clarisse LafleurThe Rich Kids of Instagram

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