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Underhand Tips and Tricks 1# – Walkhtrough to Summon Jhai’ti, Rhybaax, Wendigo

Underhand Tips and tricks 1# : Walkhtrough to Summon Jhai’ti, Rhybaax, Wendigo

Based on the game (Underhand), here we will give you some tips and tricks to summon some of the Gods in Underhand. In Underhand your goal is to summon gods and here is some of the guide that you can use to summon it. Check it out!

Jhai’Ti What you need
 Start a Teashop:

We will call it “the Matcha Faction”

Open a small Storefront – 1 money, 1 cultist, you will get 1 suspicion (Continue the summoning)

It’s not in our cards right now (Summon in later)

It’s too much hassle (Cancel the summoning)

 Small Business:

Frequented by the locals

 Get out while we’re ahead – get 3 money (Reset the summoning to Start a Teashop)

Reinvest our fortune – 2 money get 2 suspicions (Continue the summoning, there are a small chance that you need to reinvest your fortune again)

Merely sustain it – 1 money get 1 suspicions (Reshuffle the card, however small chance to fail and you will need to save it by giving it more money get more suspicions card)

 Booming Business:

Established and respected

 Get out while we’re ahead – Get 4 Money (Reset the summoning to Start a Teashop)

Reinvest our fortune – 2 money get 3 suspicions (Continue the summoning)

Merely sustain it – 1 money get 1 suspicions (Reshuffle the card, however small chance to fail and regress from small business)

 Jhai’ti The Jasmine Dragon :

The Matcha Faction has caught its attention

Retire with its blessing – get 1 Relic (Reset to start a tea shops)

Offer it our finest brew in a sacred vessel – 1 relic (Summon Jhai’ti and win the game)

Spit in his cup – Not recommended (Insert 2x Wrath of gods)

Summoning Jhai’ti will give you:

Assassination – give you a chance to destroy 3 suspicion and 3 money in exchange for one cultist.

Importing tea – gives you a chance to import tea that can be use to either get food, get money, or 1 relic at the cost of 1 / 2 money depending on your choice.

Rhybaax What you need
 Rumors of Darkness:

Whispers of Ancient Ruins – The Jungle Expedition

Prepare for Expedition (Continue the summoning)

Another Time (Summon it later after you build up your deck)

The rumors are baseless (Basically cancel the summoning)

 Start an Expedition:

Fortune and glory await us

 Send a Large Party – 2 Cultist 2 food (Continue the summoning)

Send a small party – 1 Cultist 1 food (Continue the summoning, small chance to fail and then you will need to summon more cultist)

Maybe another time – (Start from an Expedition again after the next turn)

 The Haunted Jungle:

In The Canopy Darkness the road Forks

Turn left – (Continue the summoning, but you can get lost depending on your luck, i usually go left it got me to the next stages)

Turn Right – (Continue the summoning, but you can get lost depending on your luck

Turn back – (Get 2 cultist, Restart from Start an Expedition)

 Cyclopean Ruins:

Nameless Horrors stalk the corridors

Attempt to sneak by – (Continue the summoning – there is a small chance you get found out and got a Tragic Conclusion card, you will lose your progress and start over or spend 1 cultist to send in reinforcement)

Attempt to fight them off – (Continue the summoning)

Jungle King Rhybaax:

The demons are stain and great beast awaits us

Awaken it – (win and summon Rhybaax)

Leave it be – Get 1 Cultist (Cancel the summoning)

Linger a little longer (Reshuffle the card)

Summoning Rhybaax will give you :

Perform Haruspicy – See the future in exchange for 1 food.

Necromancy – Exchange 2 prisoner with a cultist and Get 2 Cultist and get 1 Suspicion.

Wendigo What you need
Desperate Measures :

Our Food Supplies are dangerously low

(the only God that need a requirement to summon which is to not have any food on your hand)

We can make it do with a captive – 1 prisoner, get 3 food and 2 suspicion (Continue the summoning)

Draw Lots – 1 Cultist, get 3 food and 1 suspicion (Continue the summoning)

Even Cultists have limits – You lose (Game over)


 Red Dreams :

You just Can’t forget the taste

 Indulge again – 1 prisoner / 1 cultist (Continue the summoning)

Perhaps just once more – 1 Prisoner / Cultist, get 1 food (Cancel the summoning)

Supress your desire for now (Reshuffle the card)

 A Hungry Guest :

He seems to share your dietary preferences

Invite him to dine with you – 1 money, 1 cultist / prisoner (Continue the summoning)

It seems only right that you should eat him too – get 1 food (Cancel the summoning)

 An interesting Preposition :

Your men for his god

You’re happy to oblige – 2 Cultist / prisoner (Continue the summoning)

You’d rather eat them yourself – (Cancel the summoning)

Wendigo the Insatiable :

Hunger for flesh, made flesh

Welcome it into the world – 1 Relic, 1 prisoner/cultist, 1 food (Summon the god and win the game)

Second thoughts – (Cancel the summoning and insert Wrath of Gods)

Organ Harvest – Can be used to change cultist or prisoner to either food / money and 1 prisoner.

Tasting the future – in exchange for 1 prisoner / cultist, you will get 1 food and see 3 of the top card.


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