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Underhand Tips and Tricks 2# – Walkhtrough to Summon Yacare, Uhl’Uht’c, Kekujira

Underhand Tips and tricks 2# : Walkhtrough to summon Yacare, Uhl’Uht’c, Kekujira

Based on the Underhand game, now we will give you some tips and tricks to summon some of the gods in Underhand. Here is some of the guide that you can use to summon Yacare, Uhl’Uht’c, Kekujira. Check it out!


Yacare What you need
 Baffling Bauble:

A rather odd egg in a local shop

Purchase it – 3 money (Continue the summoning).

Steal it – 1 Cultist, you will get 2 suspicion card (Continue the summoning).

Leave it (Basically cancel the summoning).

 Egg Emergence:

Someone is definitely trying to get out

 Assign a cultist to care for the hatchling – 1 Cultist (Continue the summoning).

This will make an interesting omelette – get 1 food (Cancel the summoning).

 Horrific Hatchling:

It requires sustenance

 Feed it from our stores – 1 food (continue the summoning).

Feed it a prisoner – 1 Prisoner (continue the summoning).

Kill it – Get 1 food (cancel the summoning).

Carnivorous Caiman:

It grow Insatiable

Slaughter a couple of cows – 2 food (Continue the summoning).

More prisoners should do the tricks – 2 prisoner (Continue the summoning).

Kill it – get 2 food (Cancel the summoning).

Rampaging Reptile:

This beast is absolutely Ravenous

Let it loose in the pantry – 4 food (Continue the summoning).

Unleash it on the prisoners – 4 prisoner (Continue the summoning).

We cannot sate its hunger (Cancel the summoning and game over).

Yacare Fury of the wild:

We have unleashed its ultimate power

A suitable sacrifice is required – 1 relic (Summon Yacare and win the game).

This was not our intention – (Cancel the summoning and insert 2 wrath of the gods).

Summoning Yacare will give you :

Start a Farm – You will start a farm in exchange for 2 money. Each farm has the chance to either give you crops (1 money / 1 food), Bountiful crops (2 money / 2 food), and Dark Crops (1 relic / 1 relic, 2 money, 2 food with 1 wrath of god cards). Each crops can be planted again, making a loop as long as it grow.

Oomancy – See 3 of the top most card in your decks for nothing / in exchange for food

Uhl’Uht’c What you need
 A Whisper in Darkness:

It resounds in your soul

Answer (Continue the summoning).

Remain Silent (Cancel the Summoning).


 Uhl’Uht’c First Request:

Only You can stir it from slumber

 Speak its name – Get 3 Suspicion (Continue the summoning).

Abandon your task (Cancel the summoning and got a wrath of god card).

 Uhl’Uht’c Second Request:

Souls to feed its Power

 Make a Sacrifice – 3 Prisoner/Cultist (Continue the summoning).

Abandon your Task (Cancel the summoning and got 2 wrath of god card).

Uhl’Uht’c Third Request:

A body of gold and iron

Prepare a host – 3 gold (Continue the summoning).

Abandon your task (Cancel the summoning and got 3 wrath of god card).

 Uhl’Uht’c Fourth Request:

Its presence is almost palpable

Paint a circle in blood – 2 money 2 cultist 2 food (Continue the summoning).

Abandon your task (Cancel the summoning and got 4 wrath of god card).

Uhl’Uht Fifth Request:

Your mind burns with its final demand

The ritual – 1 relic (Summon Uhl’Uht and win the game).

Abandon your task (Cancel the summoning and insert 5x gods of the wrath).

Summoning Uhl’Uht’c will give you:

Sacrificial pact – in exchange for 5 money / 5 cultist, it will give you 1 relic.

Soothsayer – See 3 of the top most card in your decks for nothing / in exchange for money.

Kekujira What you need
 A Fishing Trip:

Reap the bounty of the sea

Stay Close to shore – Get 1 food (Cancel the summoning).

Venture further out – 1 Cultist (Continue the summoning).

Let the sea keep its bounty (Cancel the summoning).

 Catch of the day:

Nothing is biting

 Rats (Cancel the summoning).

Use more baits – 1 Food (Continue the summoning, until you got the Catch of the day : Powerful tug on the line).

 Catch of the day:

Sunken Treasure on the line

 Ancient coins and jewelry – Get 2 money (Cancel the summoning).

Return it to the depths – (Continue the summoning).

Catch of the day: 

A frighteningly large fish

This will make a fine meal – get 2 food (cancel the summoning).

Cast it back into the sea – (Continue the summoning).

Catch of the day:

A Powerful tug on the line

All hands on deck! – 3 Cultist (Continue the summoning).

Let this one get away (Reshuffle the card).

Kekujira The Cursed Whale :

An Angry Leviathan rises from the deep

Calm it with Holy Relics – 2 Relics (Summon Kekujira and win the game).

Appease it with a Sacrifice – 5 prisoner / cultist (Summon Kekujira and win the game).

Flee before the fury of the deep (Cancel the summoning and insert 2x wrath of the gods).

Summoning Kekujira will give you:
Aeromancy – Control the weather, each weather will give you resource or take it away. It depends on the cards. However be careful if you can’t stop it, you will get a wrath of god.

Holiday – in exchange for money, you will get food and cultist.


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