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Identity V Game Review – Dead by Daylight Alike Game for Android

Those that love the thrilling horror RPG game, Dead by Daylight may know this game. Identity V is a Chinese mobile game that is developed by the NetEase company. This game has every aspect of Dead by Daylight game, from the thrilling atmosphere, to the 4 vs 1 killer vs survivor game play, etc. The distinctive difference is probably the character, where as in identity V the character is more cute than scary.

Source: Gameplay by Taylor

The game is still on development, and because it is a Chinese games. It would be preferable to use private vpn to play the game. However, to download the game, you need to fill out the survey in its official server.

Survey: Here!

For those that don’t understand Chinese, i have found a good tutorial in youtube, on how to install the game. It is in Thailand, but you will get the general idea of the survey if you follow the tutorial.

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