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WarSong MOBA – The Jungle Complete Guide!!!

This is a game guide base on the review (How to Download and Play WarSong on Your Android / iPhone). Today we will give you a guide about jungle and how it affect your gameplay.

Unlike laning creep, jungle monster stay in one place, and is usually in between the lanes. You will find them staying in one place without moving nor attacking, unless you attack them first.

They will give you a considerable amount of gold and exp that will help you get ahead of your opponents. It will also give you a small hp regen that will replenish your HP. If you have a lifesteal item like Reach or Bloodstave (MOBA FULL ITEM ENGLISH TRANSLATION). Then you will also be able to use the jungle monster to give you a health boost.

There are also a buff jungle monster in War Song, which is in the middle one, on the river. If you kill that monster, depending on the type of monster and the number above it. You will be able to get a considerable amount of gold.

It is usually between 200 to 400 or plus. You will also get some boost depending on your hero. Mage will get cd reduction, tank will get defense and so on.

Unlike Mobile legend or AOV, Warsong don’t have an item that could give it immortality, but that doesn’t mean that warsong didn’t have immortality feature built in it. (Immortality is a buff that let your character revive on death for once).

To get immortality, you will need to kill the biggest jungle monster on the middle river lane. It has 300s or more spawn rate. After killing the monster, the immortality buff will automatically be activated. after dying your character will revive with 50% of your health.

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