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If you loved being a necromancer, feeling happy fight with an Undead then you will definitely love this news! Because 10tons Ltd, the creator of Undead Horde recently launched on consoles and PC. And the game is on the way to mobile. The developer has been making a mobile port that will be available in fall 2019.

Undead Horde is a game where you will be playing as a necromancer. You will commanding a horde of zombies and undead to conquer the world and dominate the world. The game is a good balance of hack and slash, strategy, and of course RPG elements. Added with the cartoony graphic you will definitely enjoy conquering the world with your undead.

In the game, you can explore and conquer a fantasy world filled with random creature. Start from giant scorpions to a human settlements. You can re-animate your slain enemies and make them part of your undead army.

There are also endless number of weapon that can be use. The weapon including the trinket and some magical items. To gather more undead, you should level up and upgrade your skill to be more powerful. You can also sell and trade your loot with various merchant.

The porting will be done in Fall 2019, however we didn’t know the actual release date yet, so stay tune on roonby for more update.

Oh yeah, if you are interested, you could checking out the game on youtube and Facebook. You can see the gameplay on youtube, or even you can try it out first on PC or Console. You can also follow the developer’s Twitter account or Facebook for more updated contents.

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