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If you didn’t know yet, NetEase as one of the most leading mobile game developer is going to release new TPS (Third Person Shooter) game. The gameplay is a lot similar to Apex Legends, where you will be playing in a battle royale setting, trying to kill the other enemies by using some of the skills.

You can choose character that each has their own unique abilities in the game and compete in a squad to fight the other teams.

Now if you are interested, the game is will be holding a CBT (Closed Beta Test) on 27 June. However not all country will be available for the game, and only some selected country will be available which is:

  • Indonesia : 27 June 2019, 10 AM (GMT +7)
  • Malaysia and Philippines : 27 June 2019, 11 AM (GMT +8)
  • Australia : 27 June 2019, 1 PM (GMT +10)
  • New Zealand : 27 June 2019, 3 PM (GMT +12)

Source: Techzamazing (Youtube)

NetEase has first publicly announced of the Disorder game at GDC 2019, and has been teasing the fans about the CBT event that is holding in China. You can see the gameplay has some elements that is pretty similar to Apex Legends. For me, the game looks interesting enough!

Since it will get the English version on CBT and the first five countries that has mentioned above will get to try it, we suggest why not try it?

Note: The link below will direct you to the official website not the Play Store

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App Rating : Disorder (Free)
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