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If you didn’t know yet or haven’t opened your Mobile Legends game then you should definitely open it. Because today Mobile Legends is gonna change everything. You will also get the celestial feature and the release of a new hero, Dyrroth, the Abyss Prince.

Dyrroth is the newest fighter hero that can be use as a burst damager. He has a high damage. His powerful ultimate and powerful abilities makes him one of the scary hero to deal with.

He can be bought at the store for 32.000 BP and 599 Diamond but since its release you will be able to bought him with only 419 Diamond. For me, he is really worth every penny.

Anyway, since the first start of his release, i can say for sure that he is a really hard hero to use. If you think it a little while, he is a lot like Alucard.

He is a fighter hero that has a high damage with a really low health. He can easily be killed if there are any stunner or disabler. Dyrroth has a high burst damage especially his ultimate, but so what?

You can’t use it in a one on one battle. You will need to hide first or ambush the enemies using those charging skills, which is kinda similar to Alucard. Alucard needs to use his ultimate first in the bush to increase the chance of his survive ability to gain the momentum of wining in the war.

If you have seen the video above where Dyroth goes again some fighter in the game (video made by a popular youtuber Hororo Chan). You will know that out of the other fighter, he falls behind the lower one, where if you go one on one.

He will most likely be defeated by the other fighter. Even with the newest Bane revamp, it is said that he can easily killed by most CC heroes, it means that even for mage he can’t do anything. Especially with another CC Burst damager which is almost every mage that is used currently.

That doesn’t mean that he is not useful. Mainly because of his abilities to reduce the opponents armor, and if he is used right, he can be one of the most devastating opponents. He is definitely not a Hero for beginner to have. If you have 32.000 BP, i suggest you to buy another hero rather than Dyrroth.

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