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If you are an Instagram users then you know that currently there are 1 snapgram filter that has been showing around for days. Where you will see people playing flappy bird with their face, blinking around trying to get the little bird across the two pipe.

Now, if you are interested in using the Flappy Bird Filter or at least any other similar filter and didn’t know how to use it, then here is the step by step tutorial on how to use the filter.

1. Have an Instagram App on your phone

You need to have the instagram app first if you want to use the filter. So head to either iOS Appstore, or Android App store and download your app from the trusted service.

2. Follow the Filter Creator

The best thing about  Instagram is that they support a creative developer like filter creator or content creator. And to use the filter that you want, you will need to follow the creator before, There are some filter creator like Ilya Krylov, SwinxSwin, and many other more have done their best to make the best possible filter that is available for us instagram user.

3. Click on the Filter name below the User Id

After following the creator, you can then check out their created filter, and click on the filter name below the user id. Then you will automatically be transferred to your snaps story and then you will be able to use the filter. If you didn’t find a filter name, then you will be able to use it immediately in your snaps.

And that is it, you will be able to use the filter immediately after you follow these step one by one!

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