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One of the best Mobile RPG which is Another Eden is finally out now in Android. Before the game is only released on Japan, but the developer announced that the game will come to Europe and South East Asia and other 34 countries apart from the 2 continent on June 26th.


If you didn’t know yet, Another Eden is a story driven RPG game where you will play as Aldo. Aldo is the game protagonist and his sister Feinne that has a dormant abilities to erase all human in this world. It is somehow being known by the demon king and Feinne’s being kidnapped by the demon king. In the desperate moment, while rescuing his sister, Aldo fall into a space time distortion and is trapped in 800 years into the future.

The game has a really good story in my opinion added with the charm of RPG game genre. It has been one of our most favorite mobile RPG game.

The story is made by Masako Kato, that is famous for Chrono Trigger and other story different RPG game. Another Eden has a turn based gameplay, you will be able to use 6 character in a party, where 2 of which will have a supporting role in the back, and 4 in the front. Each character that you have chosen will have their own abilities and skills that can be utilize.

If you are interested in the game, head to Android Google play to download and play it!

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App Rating : Another Eden (Free)
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