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As a mobile legends player, myself has been really frustrated with Mobile Legends mage. It is because most of the META right now in the game is Mage heroes. Take Esmeralda, Harith, and Gussion for example, they are all a mage damage dealer with a high burst damage even in the early game.

It makes most heroes even tank unable to take their damage feeding them even more. It is even more stupid when Moonton decided to make immortal as defense item rather than magic defense item. But thankfully, on the next update, they will buff magic defense item!

So on their next update as you can see in the image above, Moonton will buff most of the available magic defense item. Starting from the basic which is Silence robe that can be bought with 1020 gold, which will be buffed from 24 to 30 magic defense per item. Which is pretty much an oracle item that can be bought with 2000 gold per item.

Since there isn’t any other magic defense item that can be used and most people use Oracle, or Athena shield as their main defense, this is a huge nerf for most mage damage dealer.

So what do you guys think about this update? Did you agree with Moonton in this update?

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