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Are you wanted to build a town full of Nickelodeon cartoon character? Well, you are in luck, because GoGames had just developed a new game called Nickelodeon Pixel Town. Where the player can build a town full of your favorite cartoon character. The best thing is that you can download and play it on your android or iOS phone for free!


In Nickelodeon’s Pixel town, player will be able to build their own town full of character from popular Nickelodeon TV Show. You will be able to meet, Sponge Bob from SpongeBob Square Pants, Timmy from Fairly OddParents, Danny from Danny Phantom, and many more.

The player will not only build the town, but also keep your tiny cartoon people happy by completing the quest that have given. The quest that had been completed will also give you some rewards. Start from splat, golds, gems, and even costume that can be used to dress your favorite character.

Build your own Krusty Krab Restaurant to make your own Krabby Patty, or anything from the original TV Show.

So? what are you waiting for? Download and play the Pixel Town game today and enjoy the nostalgic effect!

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App Rating : Nickelodeon Pixel Town (Free)

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