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Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends, in the next update patch 1.4.20 they will be making a new mode which is called Chess-TD, which is pretty similar to DOTA Chess TD where player can play and defense their base from incoming creeps and hero by using bunch of OP Hero in the game.


Chess-TD is a combination of Tower Defense game with Auto Chess battler. Where player will be able to get gold from killing bunch of minions that in turn will be used to buy or upgrade the hero that can easily kill the other minions. Player will be able to compete one another in the battle, and the person that can’t protect Harper will lose the game.

Moonton themselves said that there will be 30 or more map available on Chess TD. The player will be given a random map each play. The hero that is available to be picked will be 30, from the original series such as Moscow, Aurora, and many more, where player will need to protect harper from the minion.

Player will need to use the 16 Synergy combination, and 10 class (Fraction called in the game) to increase each hero damage and added effect.

The game can be played in 14th November, and player will be able to play it in Mobile Legends as part of the new Mode in game.

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